All About Techpolymer

Techpolymer is a specialized spherical polymer particle created by the unique suspension polymerization technologies of Sekisui Kasei Co., Ltd. This material can be used in various applications based upon hydrophobic vinyl monomers such as methyl methacrylate and styrene. Sekisui Kasei's Techpolymer also provides transparent resins with light diffusion properties, inks, and pigments with delustering and scratch resistance properties and makes cosmetics appear smoother. Sizes can be modified from submicron and micron levels to milli levels, allowing customers to select the size that best suits their product manufacturing needs.

Effects and Applications

Sekisui Kasei's techpolymer is available in a wide variety of grades designed to satisfy a wide variety of needs.

Because we can adjust particle diameter, size distribution, solvent resistance, heat resistance, refractive index, and other characteristics to suit customer needs, there are many possible effects and applications.


Techpolymer leverages the characteristics of its spherical particles to provide foundations and other cosmetics with smoothness. Combining products with Techpolymer improves spread and can give the cosmetic products an enhanced ability to obscure wrinkles and alter the texture. We also offer porous particles that can be used as adsorbent material and elastic particles that add softness.

Techpolymer’s light diffusion effects change depending on the product’s physical properties. For example, it can fill in uneven skin and make it appear smoother while also making wrinkles less conspicuous by diffusing light in various directions.

Additional applications

Techpolymer’s unique effects have numerous applications in addition to displays, coatings, and cosmetics. We offer additional value for our customers through a variety of product customizations, including:

  • Anti-blocking Agents
  • Flow Improvers
  • Calcination Binders
  • Pore Formers
  • Anti-Compression Materials

You can find out more about how Techpolymers can enhance your products by contacting us at any time for more information.

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You can find out more about how Techpolymer can serve your products and needs by contacting us at any time for more information.