PIOCELAN® Hybrid Foam Resin

At Sekisui Kasei USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Sekisui Kasei Co., Ltd., we offer custom design and manufacturing solutions for many different industries, particularly those in the automotive, consumer goods, and industrial markets. Among our many products, we manufacture PIOCELAN® hybrid foam resin and molded foam parts—an innovative material proven to provide significant increases in performance, quality, safety, and cost benefits for a wide range of market applications. As an added service, our team can design and manufacture custom molded foam parts in the material of your choice. By using Expanded Polystyrene or our PIOCELAN® moldable foam resin, we can offer many different solutions for various specific application requirements and unique market needs.

What Is PIOCELAN® Resin?

PIOCELAN® hybrid foam resin is a robust, lightweight foam that combines the resilience of polyolefin with the strength of polystyrene. What does this mean for you? It means having well-balanced mechanical performance and overall superior value. PIOCELAN® resin meets a wide range of engineering requirements for a variety of market application areas.

This makes PIOCELAN® resin ideal material for structural components and packaging applications. If your product or application requires high levels of performance, quality, safety, and cost benefits, PIOCELAN® hybrid foam resin is the material for you. Similarly, if you have a part or component with complex geometry, PIOCELAN® resin provides the superior dimensional stability it needs.

Automotive Applications

Sekisui Plastics is a preferred supplier of molded foam and additives for the automotive industry. When you partner with us, you’re fully prepared to meet the increasing demands of the automotive market. Our EPS and PIOCELAN® foam materials offer improved design freedom—even for parts with complex geometries. And because our molded foam parts and packaging solutions are lightweight, this allows for improved fuel efficiency and safety performance.

Packaging Solutions

We offer better solutions for packaging and the protection of complex product shapes that minimize damage during transit and reduce the total costs of getting your product where it needs to go. We will work with you to design the most economical packaging mold solutions possible for your specific needs.

Product Diversity

PIOCELAN® foam resin isn’t limited to the packaging and automotive industries. Our products have applications for a diverse range of industries outside of our core markets. For example, you can find PIOCELAN® foam resin from Sekisui Kasei to manufacture or ship sports equipment, agriculture products, on-off highway vehicles, and heavy equipment.

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