Cosmetics Gel/Polymer Catalog

Sekisui Kasei maintains a large number of cosmetic/skincare products made from both ST-gel and Techpolymer. Expect only the best in terms of quality, performance, and safety.

ST-gel Cosmetic Features

  • Measured release of worthwhile ingredients: gel texture compliments its moisturizing ingredients, allowing them to be slowly delivered into the skin throughout the day/night
  • Cooling advantages: gel designed to provide extensive cooling aid
  • Superb water retention: gel produced with water proportion being carefully considered
  • Soft, jelly-like texture: feels great on the skin
  • Ingredients retention property: gel receives and combines heat-sensitive ingredients effectively
  • Transparent appearance: unlike fabric, this gel is sleek through its transparent appearance

ST-gel Cosmetic Applications

  • Skincare masks (cosmetics/quasi-pharmaceutical products)
  • Facecare: extensive catalog of different masks intended for the full face, or specific areas including beneath the eyes, cheeks, and lips
  • Bodycare: hydrogel body/face masks designed with spa-use in mind

Techpolymer Cosmetic Features

  • MB-C/MBX-C Series: the PMMA spherical microparticles have a powerful lubricating function that is normally taken advantage of in cosmetic foundations
  • MBP porous materials Series: porous, cross-linked PMMA spherical microparticles possess oil-absorbing capabilties, marking them as an ideal matting additive
  • ACP-C porous materials Series: porous spherical microparticles with a soft texture and
    oil-absorbing ability allow them to chemically attach to the skin easily, which is why they are prevalent in long-lasting foundations
  • LMX-C Series: convex-shaped, cross-linked PMMA microparticles with the ability to reflect light, which makes them ideal for soft focus effects
  • AQX/AQP-C hydrophilic Series: hydrophilically-improved cross-linked PMMA are combined in a variety of cosmetic and skincare products
  • ACX-C Series: cross-linked polyacrylic acid ester spherical microparticles have a compressive property that makes them ideal for softening agents

Techpolymer Cosmetic Applications

  • The full range of base makeup products: including primers, foundations, concealers, etc.
  • Makeup colors: eyeshadows, lipsticks
  • Sunscreens
  • Moisturizers